Planks are important for our overall health

Planks are Great for Overall Health

Hey LiftHeavyGurls

Yes, we have a love/hate relationship with planks, but they are worth doing for the overall health benefits.

Here are seven reasons why planks are so important to our health:

– Engages all abdomen areas, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques. Planks engage 100% of the abdominal muscles, whereas crunches only work out 64% of the muscle.

– Establish a strong core, and it can reduce the risk of injury, protects the spine and hips during movement

– Improves posture and, as we grow older, less likely to hunch over

– Strengthens the back, especially the upper back

– Improves flexibility as it expands and stretches the muscles around the shoulders, hamstrings, feet, and toes. It also can offset the natural loss of muscle elasticity that happens as we age

– Boosts your metabolism and allows the body to burn fat more effectively. Every pound of muscle gained can make the body burn approximately 50 calories more each day

– Can perform anywhere without any equipment. add some resistance bands for an extra challenge

In conclusion:

Planks are a fantastic, simple exercise that should be added to everyone’s fitness routine. Planks are important to your health because they target your core muscles, and these benefits can span your entire body. Not to mention doing planks regularly positively impacts your skeletal system and your organs. Hopefully, you can quickly add them to your exercise routine and experience the health benefits. Check out more of my wellness blog posts.

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