Staying Healthy - stop calorie counting

Tips for Staying Healthy


Staying Healthy - stop calorie counting

Focus on eating right and staying physically active to meet your wellness goals.
Counting Calories and Marcos can be a waste of time:
  • Over time tracking and logging your daily calorie intake can be time-consuming. Leading you to stop counting your
  • Calorie tracking tools are not always precise in determining the number of calories you need for daily intake. To do this, you need to know RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), which requires a respiratory test.
  • The number of calories in your food isn’t always exact either. It’s more of an estimate than a precise amount.
  • Mental health can take a toll if you use this method and still aren’t getting the desired results.
  • We don’t eat nutrients. We eat food. If stressing about nutrients and tracking macros harms your mental and emotional health, that guess what…it’s not healthy behavior.
  • Your body doesn’t run on a continuous 24-hour cycle. When we start a new day, our bodies don’t hit a reset button, so there is no point in keeping a regimented allotment of daily nutrients.
Instead of counting calories and macros, focus on diet quality, regular exercise, and stress.
  • Diet Quality: When planning your meals, cut down on or eliminate processed foods. Instead, choose unprocessed foods, including lean meats, whole grains, and fruits/vegetables.
  • Regular Exercise: Aim for about 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Any movement is better than none, but you want to work toward achieving a more vigorous level of exercise to get your heart pumping.
  • Reduce Stress: Stress and poor sleep can lead to weight gain. Controlling your stress and getting a good night of sleep can help keep your weight under control.

Stay Healthy!

Devote your time away from your food and towards things in life that make you happy. It’s about changing to a healthy mindset and lifestyle that will get you the lasting results you want. Check out more of my fitness and wellness blog posts.



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